About Zumiez Best Foot Forward

The History

Zumiez Best Foot Forward is an Am SKATE contest series started in 2007 to give back to the skateboarding community on a LOCAL level, while providing the country's best amateur skateboarders exposure on a GLOBAL level! Unlike most contests, Zumiez Best Foot Forward comes to YOU, and it’s always FREE to enter. 

Previous Zumiez Best Foot Forward winners have gone on to become some of the top names in Skateboarding, including: Ishod Wair, Tom Asta, Jack Olson, Miles Silvas, Jamie Foy, Tyson Bowerbank, Kyle Walker and Alec Majerus.


2016 Results:


1st: Zachary "Ducky" Kovacs


2nd: Chad Poore


3rd: Julian Christianson

2015 Results:

1st: Christian Dufrene

2nd: Jamie Foy

3rd: Destin Watts

2014 Results:

1st: Brendan Villanueva 

2nd: Tyson Bowerbank

3rd: Jamie Foy


2013 Results:

1st: Chris Wimer

2nd: Corey Huber

3rd: Jon Cosentino


2012 Results:

1st: Jack Olson

2nd: Julian Christianson

3rd: Kevin Liedtke


2011 Results:

1st: Julian Christianson

2nd: Miles Silvas

3rd: Antonio Massey


2010 Results:

1st: Julian Christianson

2nd: Ke’chaud Johnson

3rd: Alec Majerus


2009 Results:

1st: Anthony Grant

2nd: Ishod Wair

3rd: John Oskvarek


2008 Results:

1st: Julian Christianson

2nd: Cody Davis

3rd: Anthony Grant


2007 Results:

1st: Tom Ryen

2nd: Michael Patterson

3rd: Jared Stoots


In 2017

In 2017, the series is the world's largest Am contest tour, expanding to more skateparks and more hometowns than ever before. With 40 contests worldwide, including 33 in the U.S., 2 stops in Canada, 4 stops in Europe, 1 in Puerto Rico and 1 in Australia. 

Winners from each contest receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals, a $500 Zumiez gift card, and prizes from our tour sponsors.

Overall top 3 finalists will win an all-expenses-paid, skateboarding road trip which includes: filming at famous skate spots, all access pass to the top private skateparks, exclusive experiences from the best brands and their top pros, a year-long flow sponsorship from Bones Bearings, and so much more. 

About Bones Bearings

We are proud to have Bones Bearings back as our 2017 Zumiez Best Foot Forward presenting sponsor, and we couldn't do it without them!

Bones Skateboard Bearings have the best reputation in the skateboard industry, and have had this honor for the past 30 years because of their performance and quality. Everyone who rides Bones knows how fast they are, and most also comment on how long they last, typically several times as long as low cost bearings. Skaters who use Bones do so because they want the very best equipment they can get and they know the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Our team is a who’s who of top skaters and we are proud to be associated with each one of them. To learn more about Bones Bearings check out: BonesBearings.com