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Meet Christian Dufrene

Nov 2nd, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

Photo: David Langston

Congrats on winning the finals. What did you think about Joshua Tree, the Course and Finals overall?
Christian: It was something like I’ve never experienced. It was probably the funnest experience just to be out in the middle of the desert and skate one of the most badass courses with all my homies and everyone.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve gotten into while skating?
Christian: It would definitely be slicing my head open at that DIY spot on the first day of the winners trip.

Any music that gets you hyped to skate?
Christian: Uhmm… lets go with Migos

Any hobbies?
Christian: Mainly I’ll just go chill with my friends wherever they’re at.

Keep up with Christian by following him at @ChristianDufrene.

Meet Jamie Foy

Oct 27th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

What did you think of this year's course in comparison to Detroit last year?
: The course at this contest at Joshua Tree was way biger than last year, and there was a lot more
obstacles, where as last year there was only like two hand rails, one A-frame hubba, and this Converse thing which was all tight but this one just had so much to choose from. It had bump to down rails, bump to flat bars, big pyramids, it pretty much had it all. It was a lot of fun.

Do you have any pre-skate rituals?
Before I skate, I like to try and just flex my ankles out and then like touch my toes, stretch my hamstrings, and squat a couple times just to get used to everything.

What's your favorite skate part?
My favorite part would either be Ishod's Sabotage 3 or David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate. Both of those get me really hyped.

What do you do after skating? Do you have any hobbies?
Jamie: Yeah outside of skating, I mean I go wake skate and I fish.

For more on Jamie, give him a follow on Instagram at @Jamie_foy.

Meet Destin Watts

Oct 15th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

Destin came in 3rd place at Best Foot Finals this year. He's 15, hails from Las Vegas and is already sponsored by Birdhouse Skateboards, Bones, Pharmacy Las Vegas, Honey Brand Co & FP Insoles. We asked him a few questions while we were on the road during the winners trip to San Francisco...

What's like being the youngest finalist?
Destin: I don't really think of the age when it comes to skating I just think skateboarding is skateboarding no discrimination or anything we are all skateboarders but it definitely feels pretty good being young and making it with the older dudes out there

Had you been to California before this trip to Finals?
Destin: Yes I have been to California before. My favorite part of California has to be either LA or San Diego cause I just really like the vibes there and just the skate scene is really good in those places. 

What do you do after skating?
Destin: Fuck bitches and get money nah I'm playing. 

What’s the worst trouble you’ve gotten into for skateboarding?
Destin: Well I never really got in a really bad situation for skating. They all kinda been the same ol’ same ol’ like the basic kick out and threaten to call the cops. But recently, when I was on the Zumiez Best Foot Forward tour going to Joshua we all stopped at this spot called Radio korea [JKWON] and you could only skate that spot on Sundays but me and everyone else just skated it any ways. it was so crazy cause all of us just were skating it like nothing was wrong and toward the end before we were leaving, I was filming a Snapchat and this random lady starts walking toward me and tries to hit my phone out of my hand and I dodged and I look back and she's still walking and she screamed at me "get the fuck outta here." So yeah that was one of those kick outs / getting in trouble while skating moments.

For all things Destin, give him a follow on Instagam: @DestinWatts.

360 on Finals

Oct 14th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

Didn't make it to Best Foot Forward Finals this year? Check out this rad video and experience the mayhem in 360 thanks to the dudes at Outlyer VR!

Two Days in the Desert Sun: Russ Pope Desert Project

Oct 13th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

"Given the epic task to paint 18,000 square feet in 18 hours under the hot desert sun, Russ Pope man-handled the Zumiez Best Food Forward Finals course with his iconic artwork, giving the CA Skateparks pop up park in Joshua Tree, California, a fully unique look."

We asked Russ Pope to paint the course for Best Foot Forward Finals this year. For more photos from Finals weekend and the entire article visit Transworld Skate.

Photos: John Bostwick

Hazard Skatepark with Diamond

Oct 12th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

We made a few pit stops on the way to Joshua Tree for Best Foot Forward Finals. Here's a clip by Alex Horton on our way out of LA.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Episode 12: The Finals

Sep 24th, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward crew had been in the van, and on the road, all Summer long looking for the best local Ams across the country. A couple weeks ago, all finalists were flown out to Southern California for one big finale in Joshua Tree. Friends from DGK, Converse, Stance, Enjoi, AYC, Imperial Motion, Bones Bearings, and more all came out to watch, cheer, guest judge, and support the next up and coming skateboarders as they threw down on an epic night.

Huge congratulations to our 2015 top 3:
1st - Christian Dufrene
2nd - Jamie Foy
3rd - Destin Watts

Zumiez best Foot Forward Episode 11: The Road to Joshua Tree

Sep 23rd, 2015 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

34 cities. 34 contests. 34 winners. They all descended upon Southern California for the big Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals in Joshua Tree, but first they hit spots around L.A., had a BBQ with Diamond, skated The Berrics, hit up a hip at a ditch spot with The Stance team including Chris Cole, Lizard King, and Nyjah Huston before heading out to Joshua Tree to camp and compete in the finals the following day.