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Episode one

Jul 19th, 2017 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

We kicked off the tour in Seattle with some new faces this year. Peep the first episode as we cruise through Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and Boise with the crew.

Up Next: Volcom

Jul 10th, 2017 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

We're heading back to America! Caswell Berry and CJ Collins from the Volcom team will be joining us so make sure to come say whats up.


Jul 1st, 2017 / Posted By: melch

The best city on earth holds nothing but good times for Melcher and the crew. Wish we could stay forever in this beautiful storybook land of awesomeness. Grant park rules, Chad Poore skates like a beast, and Chicago is windy AF. 

Congrats Jamie!

Jun 30th, 2017 / Posted By: Sarah Samuth

Our good homie just went pro with Deathwish! Yeeeeee! Congrats Jamie, you deserve it!


Jun 25th, 2017 / Posted By: melch

We took a minute and rocked out at 4 seasons in Milwaukee. Joined now by

former Best Foot Forward winner Chad Poore, The crew has nothing but good times ahead.

Land of Lakes

Jun 22nd, 2017 / Posted By: melch

As the crew rolls through Minnesota, the madness and fun continue with the addition of friends Corey Millet and Jacob Messex. We take a visit to Famila, and 3rd Lair goes off. 

Bay Bay, and the Best Foot Forward crew

Jun 13th, 2017 / Posted By: melch

We visit Lincoln Nebraska for an awesome session at “The Bay” . The crew has to keep the blood flowing by any means necessary. Football, Frisbee, and Shredding. Travis Fowler takes one to the nuts, Good thing we have our Mascot Burro on the road with us. 

the deep freeze in Salt Lake

Jun 12th, 2017 / Posted By: melch

As we roll through SLC and into Denver, The temperature drops and the shredding heats up. Meet ups withTyson Bowerbank , Deng Tear, and the Salt Lake scene have nothing but good times in store for the crew.